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Bartosz Pietrucha
Sani Yusuf
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Angular Ninja BLACK-BELT
London, UK
Coming soon
Angular Ninja
London, UK
Coming soon
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What Academy offers
Ninja Jump
Public workshops
We organize hands-on workshops that can make anyone an Angular Ninja
Company trainings
Our trainings take teams to the next level with tailored bespoke workshops
Project consulting
We consult teams projects to provide expertice, working closely together
Angular Academy Show
We gather industry experts to discuss hot topics on live webinars streamed online
Workshops variants
Ninja trainings for Angular beginners and seasoned developers

Angular Ninja

You know JavaScript, HTML but have little or no Angular skills
2 x 8 HOURS
of intensive hands-on workshop
You build full-featured advanced Angular applications
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Angular core concepts
  • Learn the high-level architecture and core concepts of Angular
  • See how components form the very nature of Angular application
  • Scaffold initial application within seconds!
Development Toolkit
  • Npm for package management
  • Jasmine and Karma for unit tests
  • Angular CLI deep dive for the win!
ECMAScript 6, 7, 8
  • Use new language features to boost productivity and overall experience
  • Write code more easy to understand and maintain
  • Forget about oldschool JavaScript problems!
  • Catch errors with type safety before they get into production
  • Write enterprise-grade applications that scale
  • Use amazing tooling and code completion features
Modules, Components, Templates
  • Divide your application into feature modules with clean exports
  • Understand component architecture of Angular
  • Apply Smart and Dumb components pattern
  • Write templates with structural directive like *ngFor and *ngIf
Observables and RxJS
  • Understand functional reactive programming
  • Use observable streams for reacting to state change
  • Learn most important RxJS operators
Routing and Lazy Loading
  • Structure application into route-based states
  • Lazy load and preload modules
  • Protect application routes with Route Guards

Angular Ninja BLACK-BELT

You are already an Angular Ninja willing to go to the next level
2 x 8 HOURS
of intensive hands-on workshop
You design reactive architecture and master Angular
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Scalable architecture
  • Design scalable and robust architecture
  • Split application into proper abstraction layers
  • Separate concerns for better reasoning
NgRx state management
  • Use predictable state management
  • Learn actions, reducers, store, selectors and more
  • Time-travel debug your application
Advanced RxJS
  • Start to think reactively and make it all pure
  • Embrace higher-level observables and flattening
  • Multicast and use hot observables to share streams
Reactive forms
  • Design complex forms in reactive way
  • Create dynamic form structures at runtime
  • Programmatically control form value updates and validation
Progressive Web Application
  • Make your app progressive
  • Use manifest to make it feel native
  • Use Angular service worker for caching
Performance optimization
  • Optimize change detection
  • Use onPush stategy, pure pipes and memoization
  • Detaching the Change Detector and running outside Angular
Advanced Depencency Injection
  • Understand hierarchical DI
  • Use Angular Factory Providers with dependencies
  • Control DI lookups with @Host, @SkipSelf and @Optional
Angular Academy workshops are concise, thorough and fast way to kickstart your Angular learning.
Asim Hussain
Cloud Developer Advocate @Microsoft
Build real-world applications for real use cases
Learn best practices and proven techniques
Design scalable and solid architecture
Master Angular ecosystem and tools
Bartosz is a able to conduct trainings with a great professionalism. I’ve attended his training on Angular2 and found it very useful, as Bartosz in a limited time frame provided both theoretical knowledge and practical exercises and eventually helped me to delve into front end web development.
Anton Danylov
.NET Team Lead at Luxoft Poland
I was attendee of Angular 2 trainings, where Bartosz was the presenter. During 4 day course, Bartosz showed us that he could manage, explain and give an advice in all aspects of the whole stack of Angular 2 framework.
Bohdan Kucheriavyi
.NET Developer at Luxoft
I had a true pleasure to attend a training led by Bartosz. Right away I was positively surprised with the level and attitude. Bartosz not only knows by heart the stuff he teaches, but really likes what he does.
Jakub Niemyjski
Senior Software Developer
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Angular Academy is a well put together curriculum, that not only takes advantage of conceptual learning but uses great diagrams to illustrate points for the visual learners too. The real winning element of Angular Academy is Bartosz. Bartosz is simply a natural in terms of teaching style and also in his ability to articulate points with empathy to his students.
Sani Yusuf
Google Developer Expert
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