Angular Enterprise Security Academy

10-week effective learning program

Learn all you need about Web Security and implement a role-based enterprise-grade authorization in Angular and Node.js

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We are coming back in 2020.
Your teacher
Bartosz Pietrucha
  • Angular Academy Founder
  • Taught hundreds of developers around the World
  • Spoken at conferences like AngularUP, ngVikings, NG-Colombia, and more
  • Worked at companies like Credit Suisse, UBS, F-Secure, Tecnotree building enterprise software
  • Passionate about developers' growth
Selected Bartosz's conference talks
ngVikings, Finland
HolyJS, Russia
AngularUP, Israel
What is Angular Enterprise Security Academy?
10-weeks learning program that will make you confident about security
in your Angular applications (and any API)!
By the end of this program,
you will:
  • have a solid understanding of Web Security model
  • know Web Security vulnerabilities and prevention methods
  • implement role-based authorization system in real-live app
  • know how secure Angular app and backend API
What is included in the Academy?
  • 10-weeks learning program - recorded lessons (worth 799$)
  • 10 LIVE group coaching sessions (worth 10 x 199$ = 1990$) 🔥
  • GDPR and legal guide (worth 399$)
  • Joint-work group on Slack (worth 199$)
  • All the recordings from coaching sessions (worth 199$)
  • List of authorization libaries (worth 49$)
  • Life-time access to the materials (with all future updates) 🔥
THE WHOLE PACKAGE for 3635$ 399$ !!!
Registration is closed.
Is there another way?
Of course! You can be learning on your own, googling, writing questions on Stack Overflow, etc. But it takes a lot of time... What I am offering you is a MASSIVE shortcut in a reasonable price. ...or you can go to a live bootcamp - travel, pay for a flight and hotel, and pay somewhere around 1000-1500$. The decision belongs to you. Take a look at the message below - it is one of our Slack members, struggling with implementing security... If you join the Academy, all your challanges will be solved during one of our live coaching sessions.
Academy Agenda
Module 1
The big plan
  1. Welcome lesson
  2. The big goal
  3. Course structure and topics
  4. What you need
  5. Training outcomes
  6. Joint working
  7. Homework
Module 2
Web Security model
  1. Welcome lesson
  2. Same-origin policy
  3. Cross-origin resource sharing
  4. Content Security Policy
  5. Subresource intergrity
  6. Cryptographic signatures
  7. Homework
Module 3
Client vs. server security
  1. Welcome lesson
  2. Client-side security boundries
  3. Server-side security
  4. HTTPS Communication
  5. Tokens vs. sessions HOT!
  6. When to use tokens?
  7. When to use sessions?
  8. Homework
Module 4
Security vulnerabilities
  1. Welcome lesson
  2. OWASP Top 10
  3. Cross-site scripting
  4. Cross-site request forgery
  5. JWT Hacking HOT!
  6. Other web applications attacks
  7. Homework
Module 5
Application architecure
  1. Welcome lesson
  2. Application overview
  3. Secured Angular parts
  4. Secured API
  5. Node.js application setup
  6. Homework
Module 6
Core features implementation
  1. Welcome lesson
  2. Login feature
  3. Sign up feature
  4. Router Guards
  5. HttpInterceptors
  6. Homework
Module 7
Client security implementation
  1. Welcome lesson
  2. Content Security Policy
  3. XSS prevention
  4. CSRF prevention
  5. HttpOnly and Secure Cookies HOT!
  6. UserAuth object
  7. Storing JWT token HOT!
  8. Refreshing the token
  9. Homework
Module 8
API security implementation
  1. Welcome lesson
  2. Introduction to Express.js
  3. Node.js security libraries
  4. Generating JWT
  5. Starting a session
  6. Authorizing API calls
  7. The two vectors of authorization
  8. Preventing calls without the ownership
  9. Preventing calls without the role
  10. CORS
  11. Homework
Module 9
Roles and account management
  1. Welcome lesson
  2. Adding a new user to an account
  3. Managing active sessions HOT!
  4. Resetting a password
  5. Homework
Module 10
GDPR and legal guidence
  1. Welcome lesson
  2. GDPR introduction
  3. What you MUST do HOT!
  4. What you cannot do
  5. Privacy policy
  6. Terms of service
  7. Homework
What others say?
LinkedIn LinkedIn
Bartosz brings in-depth knowledge and experience in Angular enterprise development. He gives tremendous value to the Angular community.
Brad Green, Former Engineering Director for Angular in Google
Risk-free guarantee
The materials are going to be designed to give you 10x more value tak you expect. But, if for whatever reason you will not be satified, then you can write an email within 30 days of official lauch of the program to and I will give you money back.

My goal is to help you and give as much value as possible.
When does the Academy start?
The Academy officially starts in February 2020.
Since the official launch you will start receiving the materials and invitations for the live coaching sessions.
Frequently Asked Questions
When does the registration end?
The registration ends 29th November 2019, 20:00 GMT. After this time, there will not be a possibility to join the program. Although, there will be a waiting list open for the next edition of the program.
Why can't I join during the program?
The program is designed in such a way that all participants who started at the same time are progressing equally through it. Then, every participant will get the most out of the training.
Can I pay for the participation, but take part in the next edition?
Yes. Even more. You can take part in this edition and all of the next editions - free of additional costs.
How will the program be hosted?
The video lessons will be hosted on The coaching sessions will be hosted via webinar software.
Will the price of the program rise?
Yes, it will rise in the future. The program is going to be improved and updated according to the participants needs.
Do you provide any guarantee?
Yes, I do. Angular Academy offers 30 days money-back guarantee. If you don't find the program fitting your needs after 30 days of the official start, you can ask for the refund - you just send an email to and you will receive your money back.
I don't have time to take such a comprehensive course. Is it for me?
In order to take advantage of the program you have to invest at least 1 hour a week. The materials are going to be concise and concrete to maximize the learning and minimize the time needed for it.
How long do I have the access to the materials of the program?
You receive a life-time access to the program. It also means that if the course is extended with the new modules in the future, you will have the access to it, without any additional costs.
Are you ready to join?
This program will save you at least 10 hours of work and research (100 hours in 10 weeks)!
Are you ready to take action?
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