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Angular Academy offers high-quality hands-on workshops that will take your team to the next level in Angular development. The very core of the trainings is coding which leads participants to build real-world budgeting application.

Angular Fundamentals Workshop

Essential Details

  • JavaScript and HTML knowledge required
  • Fast track to start using Angular efficently
  • 3 days per 8 hours

Angular core concepts

  • High-level architecture and core concepts of Angular
  • Component nature of modern web applications
  • Scaffolding and generating new projects

Development Toolkit

  • Npm for package management
  • Jasmine and Karma for unit tests
  • Angular CLI deep dive

ECMAScript 6, 7, 8+

  • New language features to boost productivity and overall experience
  • Code more easy to understand and maintain


  • Catching errors with type safety before they get into production
  • Writing enterprise-grade applications that scale
  • Using amazing tooling and code completion features

Modules, Components, Templates

  • Dividing application into feature modules with clean exports
  • Component architecture of Angular dive deep
  • Smart and Dumb components pattern
  • Templates with structural directive like *ngFor and *ngIf

Observables and RxJS

  • Functional reactive programming
  • Observable streams for reacting to state change
  • Most important RxJS operators


  • Structuring application into route-based states
  • Lazy loading and preloading modules
  • Protecting application routes with Route Guards
I've attended Bartosz's training for Angular 2 and want to say, that it is one of the best trainings I've visited. Bartosz kept us all the time focused on tha task and everybody was involved in the process. Four days past like a minute and I had a feeling, that I want to stay and continue learning. And at the same time we were able to cover a lot of topics and Bartosz gave us a direction for further learning. Thank you, Bartosz, it was really cool!
Oleksandr Vorovchenko, Senior Oracle Developer at Luxoft

Application built during the workshop

During the workshop participants receive indepth technical lectures and build Angular application themselves using Angular Material.
Bartosz is a able to conduct trainings with a great professionalism. I've attended his training on Angular2 and found it very useful, as Bartosz in a limited time frame provided both theoretical knowledge and practical exercises and eventually helped me to delve into front end web development.
Anton Danylov, .NET Team Lead

Angular Advanced Workshop

Advanced Workshop is dedicated for developers already using Angular and willing to dive deeper into most challanging parts of the platform within 2 days.

Advanced RxJS

  • Start to think reactively and make it all pure
  • Embrace higher-level observables and flattening
  • Multicast and use hot observables to share streams

Advanced unit and E2E testing

  • Write shallow and isolated unit tests with Karma and Jasmine
  • Use Page Object Pattern to write e2e tests with Protractor
  • Track your code coverage

Progressive Web applications

  • Make your app progressive
  • Use manifest to make it feel native
  • Use Angular service worker for caching
  • Off-line sync the changes

Performance optimization

  • Understand performance bottlenecks
  • Optimize change detection
  • Use onPush stategy, pure pipes and memoization
  • Detach the Change Detector and run code outside Angular
I had a true pleasure to attend a training led by Bartosz. Right away I was positively surprised with the level and attitude. Bartosz not only knows by heart the stuff he teaches, but really likes what he does. He was keen to answer all questions and also helped with practical excercies. He had everything under control. The ratio between theory and practical tasks was just right. There was no time I was bored and I am really motivated to start using the framework the training was about (Angular2), which will be much easier thanks to Bartosz. I am sure I will like to attend other training organized by Bartosz.
Jakub Niemyjski, Senior .Net Developer
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